Published on May 1st, 2011

Making infused spirits is a great way to experiment with your own personal tastes and a great way to impress your friends. The basic concept is to marry a group of choice flavors to reflect your personal likes. While Vodka is the most common form base in this procedure, it is also an option to use other light spirits such as gin or sake. It is also possible to infuse flavors into dark liquors, but the contrast is a bit more complicated. The complimentary flavors must be a touch more intense, along the lines of apricot or cherry. It may feel as though attempting to make your own personal bottle at home is difficult but you are quite wrong. In 5 simple steps you can have your own bottle of flavored liquor to entertain your company.

STEP 1: CHOOSING YOUR VICE: Your spirit choice will be the platform for your infusion. When choosing your spirit it is important to pick one that is smooth and will allow your accents to stand strong against the liquor. If this is your first attempt, it might be wise to use a cheap bottle. Why waste that Ciroc on and experiment?!

STEP 2: SETTING THE MOOD: Spices, fruits and herbs are the most common for infusion. Fruit for me is a personal preference, but if you like it I love it! So if you are a bloody mary fan, try habanero. If you like margaritas spice up your tequila with limes and pomegranate.

STEP 3: : FOREPLAY: The process is extremely simple. Choose an airtight jar, such as a mason jar. This size container gives you the ability to try multiple flavors in various batches…hence experimentation!!! Wash your ingredients and place them in the jars with your spirit preference. Shake a few times and cover jars tightly.

STEP 4: GETTING IT ON (SAFELY OF COURSE): You will need to store your concoction in a cool place and consistently shake your products 5-7 times a day for a week or more. It is wise to do taste tests every few days to see what your flavor progress is.

STEP 5: KLIMAX: Once your infusion has reached its peak, you will need to rid of the flavor ingredients. Use a fine strainer to do this. You can fill the mason jars back up, or put them into that left over Ciroc bottle.


THE DARK ROOM: My brand of choice is KETEL ONE VODKA. Follow the infusion steps with pomegranate as your flavor element. When constructing the drink, add a 3 oz pour, followed by a 2oz pour of pineapple juice. Next add a 1 oz pour of blue curaco. Serve on ice with a final splash of soda water and pomegranate for garnish. Next invite friends or a date over. Impress and enjoy.



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