Proper Dinner Etiquette

Published on July 10th, 2011


In todays economy most people are trying to cut cost any and every which way, whether its with Goupon, Living Social, etc. But most people don’t understand that when you go out to eat at a full service restaurant you’re not trying to survive the recession. 98% of restaurant staff if the United States of America make a living based upon tips from guest that patronize daily. Most people who are professional/career servers do realize that there “tip” is based upon exceptional service that they will have to provide to their guest. People in the hospitality business are also aware of  ”cultural differences”. Most places outside of the united states fairly don’t understand the concept. Based upon our readers request, we will post some great hospitality rules that you’ll pass on for a great restaurant experience.

1: Average Tip- 18-20% (varies on service that was provided)

2: Too much complaining will make it an un-easy experience for you and the establishment: We all the famous cliche saying, “THE CUSTOMER IS ALWAYS RIGHT.” There’s an exception to every rule.

3: Don’t ask too much about detailed pricing unless something has “MKT” which usually stands for Market Price: Reason: When you ask that question you’ve just displayed to the staff that you’re there to cut corners any and every way possible. Even if that includes their tip.

4: Always give your server of the day/evening your undivided attention: Even a little eye contact. Its very understandable that you’re there spending your money and you can do what you want to do, blah,blah,blah. But in all actuality you’re just creating a uncomfortable relationship with a person who’s trying to surpass your expectations.

5: Separate Checks: When there are large parties at restaurants it can become very complicated to separate a check. Grant it, technology has granted us many different ways to expedite many things. But its inconveniences most people because of certain complications with people who don’t claim certain things on their check/bill. FYI

6: Rushing Your Waiter/Waitress: In todays economy there are plenty of ways to get your food instantly. If your patronizing at Burger King, Mc Donalds, etc most of your food is pre-cook thats why they are classified as fast food restaurants. When you’re at a full service restaurant expect a small time span to wait. Most full services restaurants prepare food on a, “as is need basis”. Which means that your meal will be a cook to order project. If you’re in a major rush, or just flat out have no patience, I recommend you stop at a FAST FOOD place.

7: People With Kids: More than 75% of most restaurants love for people to bring the whole entire family. ” Mommy and Daddy are very hungry, why not bring little Johnny.” All well and good. The problem is that most people bring their kids to restaurants and lack or enforce parenting. When your kid makes a huge mess thats leaves it up to the staff to clean up a big mess. Most people who lack hospitality/manners will not care. If you’re not capable of cleaning after i would encourage you increasing the tip.

8: Camping Out: If you are familiar with the word camping out great! If not its ok because I’ll educate you on so. In the restaurant business most waiters/waitresses make there money off of tips based upon the people that sit in their section. With that being said its ideal most people to eat their food and let it digest and continue on with their day by getting up. But there’s always that one who loves to sit there all not being inconsiderate of others patronizing and for the waiter/waitress.

9: T.I.P.S. : Most people don’t understand what the acronym stands for.

T- TO I-Insure P-Prompt S-Service

Hopefully after reading this article you’ll have a real appreciation for the service industry and will pass this on to people who this will be beneficial to.

Corey King


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