How to “Cheat” on Your Taxes…Legally That Is

Published on February 16th, 2011

Post by Richard Close. As a former IRS Revenue Officer, Richard “stole” $10 Million for the IRS. Now he works to help American taxpayers. Richard writes IRS news and updates daily on his website, The IRS Hitman. You can find answers to common tax questions in his knowledge vault.

Ah, tax season. That time of year where people grouse about the greedy government. Some folks are so in need that they start looking for ways to cheat on their taxes. Here’s a hint: Never cheat on your taxes. The risks far outweigh the rewards. How do I know? Because I used to work for the IRS, and I saw first-hand what happened to tax cheats.

When people learn I used to work for the IRS, they want in on the secret. What’s the silver bullet that will help you save the most when you file your taxes? We all know about tax deductions, but which ones are worth the trouble? In my opinion, you should look at all of them. It may seem like you don’t qualify for most at first, but if you look closely for legal “tax cheats” or loopholes in the IRS rules, you may find new ways to save.

As an advocate for the American Taxpayer, I in no way condone committing tax fraud. However, there are ways you can make those tax “cheats” — legal tax deductions — work for you without dire IRS consequences. Be creative, but work within the law. You just might save some money this year on your tax filings. Here are some common tax cheats people try (and fail at), as well as legal alternatives.

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