Published on May 2nd, 2011

Ain’t nuthin’ better than a good snack; but even better than that is a ghetto snack. For many of us, our guilty pleasures are some of the hood treats that we grew up on but never outgrew. I decided to make a quick list of some of my favorite “ghetto snacks” to take you down memory lane and to tantalize your “corner store” tastebuds.

1. First and foremost, I have to pay homage to my favorite corner store snack…potato chips. Not just any chips, but SALT & VINEGAR. I used to go to the store everyday on my way home from school to get 2 or 3 bags of 25 cent salt and vinegar chips. I would rush home to get a brown bag to throw them in and shake up with hot sauce. To this day, I still sprinkle Texas Pete on my chips. For those of you who were not fans of the salt and vinegar chip, you might have been a little more fond of the Cool Ranch, Hot Fries, Doritos, or my little brother’s favorite…Funyuns.

2. Everyone fell in love with one of the many lollipop creations found throughout our community. The Blowpop was probably the most popular. The goal was to get past the sweet suck candy without biting it in attempt to get to the sugary bubblegum center, that was never enough to even blow one bubble.  Another great sucker was the RingPop. Although everyone was a fan, I never quite liked this one. I had fat fingers and it hurt to pry the fake ring onto my pudgy little nub. Lastly, is the PushPop. This candy was a tube of lollipop that you could push out of its casing by sticking your finger up the back. My godsister Channell was never caught without one of these. She even used to pretend that it was lipstick and rub the red candy on her lips.

3.Next, we have our box candy. There were Lemon Heads, Red Hots, Johnny Apple Treats, etc… I was never a fan of cinnamon, so you can keep the Red Hots, but I used to go in on the Lemon Heads. The sour lemon shell was so good, but what was up with that nasty buttery tasting nugget crap in the middle. Nevertheless, this treat was another 25 cent luxury for many.

4. Now for one of the most wonderful inventions ever…Flavor Ice Pops. These Kool-Aid inspired ice treats were everything on a hot hood day. With flavors like bubble gum and blue raspberry, how could anyone deny that they were not in love with the sugary sweet ice sticks packaged in plastic. The only bad thing about these treats were that if you ate them too often, the plastic edges would cut the corners of your mouth…but we still kept eating them!!!.

5. Last, but most important is the washdown. As people of color, we love fruit flavors; hence Kool-Aid. With that said, Sugary ghetto sodas are a must in any hood corner store. Brands such as Chek, Fanta, Faygo, and Nehi were the only way to go back in the day. Flavors such as grape, redcap, birch beer, fruit punch, strawberry, and blue razz use to do everything for me but keep me hydrated. Truth is, you need a water bottle just to wash down this sugary corn syrup carbonated drink.

Well, I hope you had fun walking down memory lane with me, and remember. don’t forget where you came from!!!



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