Balling or Faking It

Published on July 30th, 2011

“Balling It or Faking It”

It’s July 4, 2011, one of the biggest turnouts at the club.  The VIP is booked and on goers stop to observe who’s present in VIP.  There’s that one individual who stands out most.  The women infatuated by the diamond encrusted, rose gold, Burberry watch, take notice of this individual.  The women analyzing every garment piece the gentleman is wearing.  After analyzing the outfit, they notice this individual’s larger than life persona.  After popping several bottles, one including Armand, infatuations translates into eagerness, his peers take notice at the club.  His goal was attained.  The goal was to remind everyone he can buy what he chooses, thus is successful.

Today, this larger than life expectancy, so many want to emulate.  Not understanding the benefits of celebrity, many individuals place much emphasis on replicating these flashed images they see in multi-media; however cannot come terms with the idea of this privileged image is NOT feasible for you.   Many are in denial, so here is a list to determine if you are Balling It or Faking It:

  1. If your account is consistently in negative because you over spent at the club….FAKING IT!
  2. If you must call to make a transfer to purchase a $10 lunch, because of your spending the previous evening…FAKING IT!
  3. If you spend most of your money on a pair of shoes and must be frugal and second guess where to retrieve your outfit….FAKING IT!
  4. You spent too much money on your outfit, with the attempt to save money you get drunk before the club….FAKING IT!
  5. You spent too much money on your outfit and must babysit one drink all night…FAKING IT!
  6. Over spent on a car and now consistently late with every bill…FAKING IT!
  7. If you’re rotating only two pair of expensive jeans and only varying t-shirts…..FAKING IT!!!
  8. If you go out for quality cuisine and must call the bank before the bill comes to the table…FAKING IT!
  9. If you spend your entire tax refund check on a night’s splurge….FAKING IT!!
  10. If you put rims on a base model car…..FAKING IT!!!
  11. If you spend all your money on a purse and your outfit doesn’t make the cut…FAKING IT!
  12. If you spend all your money on a weaves and not enough to pay rent….FAKING IT!
  13. If you spend all your money on the outfit; however must keep feet covered since you could not afford the last minute manicure/pedicure….FAKING IT!
  14. If you’re standing at the bus stop with a designer bag….FAKING IT!

What determines if an individual is “balling it,” is one who’s able to recognize their limits; or it’s another individual who has the means to replicate a lavish lifestyle while balancing priorities.  With more individuals inclined to “ball it,” remember this list was provided as a mirror of your reality.

By: Jasmine Smith


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